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perfil de companhia
perfil de companhia

DAVO ELECTRON opened its door in 2010 as a Metal Industrial Keyboard manufacturer cum scientific research and development, sales and service provider in China. DAVO has extensive experience in providing custom input device services world-wide.

Yonghua Zhou, the co-founder of DAVO, was born in a family business specialized in making Metal keyboard since 1985 in China. 34-year’s in-metal keyboard technology know-hows have given the company an unparallel edge in the mastery and integration of the whole value chain.
With the vision to extend its competitive advantages to help customers customize a better quality metal keyboard, DAVO was soon expanded its reach to become an one-stop operational resource that covers more than 30 industries (Self-service terminals, military industry, coal mines, financial equipment, communications equipment, etc.), and service more than 100 well-known companies (BYD, EMERSON, Schneider .. etc)


Hence,DAVO is available to show you our product range and guide you in the choice of the products that best fits your needs

More than 5 SERIES/ 300 MODELS Industrial Metal keyboard/keypad/Mouse/Trackballs/Touch Pads
-Industrial Metal Keyboard
-Metal Numeric Keypad
-Access Control System Keypad
-Explosion proof keyboard
-Waterproof Keyboard
-Metal Trackball Keyboard/Mouse
-Metal Touchpad Keyboard/Mouse
-Product Project Planning Customization Service
1.Industrial metal keyboard product R&D services.
2 Offering OEM and ODM manufacture
-Technical Service
1.Worldwide technical service
2.Planned maintenance
3.Upgrades, accessories and options for your Industrial metal keyboard
Industries involved
Finance, Aerospace, Chemicals/Petro, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Telecom/Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Pulp and Paper - Government/Defense, Universities and Academia, Museums/Public Displays and Miscellaneous industries.
Equipment involved
Driverless delivery trucks, Community shared refrigerators, UAV operating desks, Self-washing machines, Explosion-proof boxes, Building Automation & Control net, Intelligent garbage cans, Intelligent garbage trucks, Underground coal mine operating desks, securities hall self-opening robots, self-washing machines, buffet ordering machine, self-help recreational facilities, self-parking, self-check-in machine,  library self-help inquiry, refrigerated container cabinet, express cabinet, intelligent elevator keys, portable automatic pressure calibration table and other industry equipment in the field of Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing.
IP65 IP68 Waterproof certificate
Explosion-proof certificate


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